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A security system is a network of electronic devices designed to protect your property from unauthorized access or activity


memory is like your short-term memory, while storage is like your long-term memory. Memory is essential for running programs and performing tasks, while storage is essential for saving your data and files.


traffic cop for your home network. Connects you to the internet, directs data between devices, creates Wi-Fi, and keeps you safe.


Ink-slingers bringing words and pictures to paper, from quick snapshots to bulky reports. ️


Cables are a crucial component of many tow lines, playing a vital role in transmitting the pulling force from the towing vehicle to the towed object.


This is the most common meaning, referring to a portable personal computer with a keyboard, screen, touchpad, and battery.

Sound systems

Capture sound (mics), amplify it (amps), and blast it (speakers). 2. Makes music loud and clear for everyone to enjoy.

Barcode systems

reliable and affordable option for businesses of all sizes that need to scan barcodes quickly and efficiently


Fingerprints: unique swirls on your fingertips, like nature’s personal ID, used to unlock doors (and mysteries) alike.


A projector is a device that throws light onto a surface to create a magnified image, like a mini movie theater in your living room!


Computers are electronic wizards that crunch numbers and juggle data, following instructions to create and control our digital world. ⚡

Computer Accessories

Gadgets that expand your computer’s abilities, like printers, headphones, or fancy keyboards, not essential but enhancing your experience!